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10 Most Common Diseases caused by Air Pollution in 2019

Air Pollution is one of the most widespread pollution and is one of the inevitable ones. Being an ever-pervading medium and carrier, air can transfer the pollutants very fast in no time; making it almost impossible for any person breathing in the polluted air, to avoid the infection. Though the pollutant level, reaction to the pollutants and infestation of the pollutant based diseases in every person is different; the fact that air pollution can have injurious effects on the human body can just not be ignored.

This post shall be focusing on 10 such diseases caused by the air pollution and what pollutants cause them.

#1 — Asthma:

This is one of the most common diseases that can affect the humans breathing in the polluted air. This is a chronic disease in which inflammation is caused in the air passages of the human body and the person finds it difficult to breathe. Heavy breathing while doing normal routine activities and strenuous ones are some of the basic symptoms of the disease.

Asthma is caused by the particulate matter, oxides of sulfur and nitrogen and ground-level ozone. Tobacco smoke can also be a cause of the same and the parents, friends, family members and other people in close contact with the patient should refrain from smoking in his or her presence.

One of the things that the asthma patients can do is use the Fresh Air Bottles in order to give a blast of pure and fresh air to their lungs and respiratory system. However, the consultation with a physician first is advised.

#2 — Lung Cancer:

Owing to the presence of various carcinogens in the air, the lungs can get infested with them which in turn can lead to lung or pulmonary cancer. The disease involves uncontrolled growth of the cells in one or both of the lungs causing a reduction in the oxygen-carrying capacity and malfunctioning in the complete working of the respiratory system.

Though the lung cancer cures depend on the type of cancer and the level of infection in the lungs, the Fresh Air Cans may be a possible solution to reduce the effect of such carcinogens in the polluted air.

#3 — COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)

COPD is caused by the air pollution in which the air passages and air sacs or the alveoli change their shape and become distended. Thus, the patient finds it difficult to breathe even while sitting or doing nothing. Emphysema and Chronic Bronchitis are two types of COPD which are common and can lead to cancer and premature deaths as well.

The most affected people are the people working in the mines, quarries and docks etc that are in constant contact with the dust, fine dust, and diesel fumes etc.

Using air purifiers and Fresh Air Cans may be prevention but complete cure requires intensive doctoral involvement and medicines.

#4 — Leukemia:

It is a disease (the type of cancer) caused by exposure to the benzene vapors and is fatal as well. The WBCs or the White Blood Cells get increased in the amount owing to persistent infection caused by the infection and the respiratory tract is infected heavily.

#5 — Pneumonia:

Polluted air also carries bacteria that get inhaled into the respiratory tract which in turn causes pneumonia. The disease might get worse with continued breathing of the polluted air and the disease might get worse with some other disease caused by the pollution.

Using air filters wherever possible and Fresh Air Bottles might be a probable prevention of the disease and might prove beneficial for the patients as well. But immediate doctor assistance is important and advised in all cases.

#6 — Birth defects and immune system defects:

There are a number of defects that can occur in the newborn as well as unborn babies owing to exposure to the polluted air and breathing of polluted air by the pregnant mother respectively. The babies born in the areas with air pollution will have lower immunity against the infections, cough, and cold and might also exhibit some inborn allergies as well.

The pregnant ladies can consult with the doctors and use the air filters as well as the Fresh Air Cans which are immunity boosters and nullify the effect of the pollutants on the respiratory system.

#7 — Autism:

Recent studies have revealed that air pollution can also cause Autism — a disease in which the patient has a tendency to live alone.

#8 — Weakening of Lung Function:

If the level of the air pollution is not high, there might be a general or gradual weakening of the lung function in the people breathing in the polluted air. This can be exhibited in a number of forms such as allergies, panting while doing heavy or normal daily routine activities and very low immunity to a cough and cold etc.

Auzair Fresh Air Bottles may help in counter-effecting all such infections and thus help the body to regain its strength.

#9 — Cardiovascular Diseases:

Owing to the presence of a number of poisonous substances in the polluted air, poisonous gases, and particulate matter, the people living in the polluted environment exhibit a lot of cardiovascular diseases of various kinds. The extent of exposure to the pollutants can determine the degree of the disease and infection.

#10 — Premature Deaths:

It has been found that pollutants in the air can lead to premature deaths owing to different reasons such as asphyxiation and extreme reactions caused by the body to the pollutant matter. Every year a huge number of premature deaths are registered all across the world owing to the pollution.

Though the ever pervading air pollution is really difficult to be handled and fought with, the Fresh Air Bottles can be a big help. These bottles are filled with pure air, every single breath of which sends a boost of freshness and life down to the cellular level.

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